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Stacey B. Stephens, LCSW-C

Stacey B. Stephens LCSW-C is the Director of the B’more for Healthy Babies Upton/Druid Heights and Early Learning Programming at Promise Heights at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Ms. Stephens is a visionary leader with 27 years of experience in assisting women and children access equitable health and mental health services throughout the Baltimore and the D.C. Metropolitan. Mrs. Stephens is a Clinical Instructor at the University Of Maryland School of Social Work and an Adjunct Professor at Morgan State University School of Social Work, where she teaches and inspires future healthcare professionals. She was a governor-appointed member of the Maryland taskforce to study perinatal mental health. She is also a Certified Diversity Practitioner which enables her to help individuals, groups, organizations and communities effectively manage cultural differences, influence system change and create equity in healthcare and educational sectors. With meaningful partnerships with residents and community partners, she has led the B’more for Healthy Babies team, who have accomplished a 75% reduction in the infant mortality rate over the past ten years which has resulted in the elimination of the disparity between Black and White infants in this community. Ms. Stephens incorporates self-care practices into her daily routine and she encourages her staff and community members to do the same. 


Her areas of research interest are: achieving optimal health and mental well-being for women, children and families, process unresolved trauma in the subcortical area the brain, deepening authentic community engagement, environmental justice and food sovereignty and changing the deficit narrative surrounding expectant and parenting families of color.

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S22 ALISON RICHMAN LECTURE ON CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: Addressing Social Determinants to Optimize Infant Development (On Demand)

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