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General Policies


1. When is the new Bloom Catalog available?

The Bloom catalogs are available twice a year. The Spring catalog is released in January. Spring workshops are from February – July. The Fall catalog is release in August. Fall workshops are from September – December. Workshops are not offered in January or August.


2. How do I receive a Bloom catalog?

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have decided to discontinue printing and mailing the Bloom Catalog. However, the catalog will remain available on our website at


3. Who are you authorized by?

While most licensing boards (Social Work, Professional Counselors and Psychologists) accept CE credits provided by Accredited Schools/Colleges of Social Work, licensees are responsible for determining where specific courses meet their jurisdiction’s requirements.State and provincial regulatory boards have the final authority to determine whether an individual course may be accepted for continuing education credit.

The Office of Continuing Professional Education is also approved by the following organizations:

  • The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Program, Provider number 1611, which is accepted by most States and Provinces. Click here to see the map*
  • The Maryland Board of Social Worker Examiners (BSWE).
  • Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists.
  • DC Department of Health: Professional Counseling and Social Work.
  • Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists (and many others)

**Not every course is approved or authorized by each organization. It is the participant responsibility to check the approval statement on the website to determine which CE approvals are being offered for each course.


4. How do I register?

We accept online registration with a credit card via our website:

**We no longer accept personal checks. We highly recommend online registration; however, if that is not an option, we accept cashier checks and money orders.

All received personal checks will be returned.


5. Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts:

  • 25% off for Seniors 65+ with valid I.D.
  • 50% off for Current Bachelor and Master Level Students with valid I.D.
  • 35% off for all Current Faculty, Staff, and Field Instructors with valid I.D.

Please call 410.706.5040 prior to registration to redeem the discounts.

**No discounts for the following workshops: Ethics, Half-Day, Multi-Day, Specials, and Certificate Programs.


6. What if my job is paying?

There is Registration Form PDF that should be completed and mailed with a check. If your employer needs additional information, please call 410.706.5040.


7. How do I get the materials for the workshop?

You can purchase printed copies of the workshop materials for $5.00 at the Baltimore location. If you registered for a workshop at one of the satellite locations (Howard County, Shady Grove, DC, etc.) please request copies of the workshop materials at least two weeks before your workshop by calling us at 410.706.1839. There are no printing options at the satellite locations.


8. Can I register late or walk-in?

Registration Deadline is two weeks prior to the workshop(s). After the deadline, a non-refundable $20.00 fee will be added to the cost of each workshop. Early registration is encouraged.

If you register within one week of the start date of the workshop, you will be instructed to log in to your registration account to access the materials as they would have already been posted. If you’re a walk in, you will receive the materials once you are registered online.


9. What if I can’t find my certificate and need a duplicate?

There is a $25.00 fee when duplicate certificates are requested. If you would like one, please call 410.706.5040.


10. What if I registered but can’t attend the workshop?

You can cancel up until 24 hours before the workshop begins by calling at 410.706.1839 or emailing us at Refunds or credit letters will not be granted for cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice before the training.

**All cancellations will receive a $35.00 administrative fee deducted from the refunded amount.

If you do not wish to pay the administrative fee, you can receive a credit letter for 100% of the tuition. The credit letter is valid until the end of the following semester. However, should a credit letter go unused by the end of the following semester, the credit letter is forfeited by the registrant.


11. What if the workshop is cancelled?

The Office of Continuing Professional Education may cancel workshops that are undersubscribed, and participants will be notified by email.

One indication that a workshop is cancelled is not receiving a reminder email with the materials. If you do not receive any email from us before your workshop, please call us at 410.706.1839.

Participants of a workshop cancelled by The Office of Continuing Professional Education can request either a course credit to be used by the end of the following semester or request a full refund at the time of the course cancellation. However, should a credit letter go unused by the end of the following semester, the credit letter is forfeited by the registrant. Once a credit letter is issued, a refund will not be granted.


12. How do I redeem a credit letter?

Funds are placed on your account as a coupon that can be used at a later date. Please note the expiration date as they cannot be extended in the system.


13. What do I do if I have a complaint/grievance?

The Office of Continuing Professional Education takes all complaints seriously. We work hard to offer innovative workshops. If you have a complaint, please contact our office IMMEDIATELY. Refunds or Credit Letters will not be issued for fully attended workshops.Please see our Grievance Policy HERE.


14. Do we offer ADA Accommodations?

We do! If you are requesting ADA accommodations, please contact us via email at least two weeks prior to the course date. Requests after that date may not be fulfilled.


Instructors reserve the right to dismiss participants who are not adhering to the Code of Conduct.

For questions, concerns, or to request special accommodations, please call: 410-706-1839

For financial questions or concerns, please call: 410-706-5040