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Heather Clark, LPC, LCPC

Heather Clark, LPC, LCPC (Clinical Director, Rock Recovery)

Heather Clark is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Approved Supervisor who specializes in treating disordered eating through a weight-inclusive lens. Her specialties include binge eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia, body dissatisfaction, chronic dieting, intuitive eating, and orthorexia. In addition to working with eating disorders, she also enjoys counseling those dealing with anxiety, self-worth, shame, self-compassion, and Christian spirituality/spiritual trauma. Heather is passionate about the Health At Every Size® philosophy and approach to work and life.  


Heather’s approach is rooted in respect for her clients' instinctive ways of surviving, while fostering a spirit of gentle, curious experimentation to find new, more sustainable ways to move forward. Heather is currently working towards becoming a Certified Body Trust Provider, which helps equip her to support folks journeying toward liberation with food and body, as well as a deep sense of being at home in their bodies.