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Marsha Stein, LCSW-C

Marsha Stein’s dynamic presentations and her 35+ years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist and certified trainer have resulted in a proven track record of engaging and motivating a wide diversity of audiences, ranging from law enforcement to Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise is in leadership development and delivering effective communications programs to leverage team dynamics. Her clients have included the FDA, American Institute of Physics, Census Bureau, the State Department, Montgomery Hospice, Defense Intelligence, PBS, CNN, National Association of Social Workers, University of Maryland, and many others.     

A former adjunct professor at Catholic University, she designs low-risk learning environments yielding high rewards in the field. Her signature as a trainer is using practical exercises to take training concepts off the page to address real-time situations. She is also certified as a critical incident responder and has been brought into the workplace to administer psychological first aid to survivors of crisis. She holds many additional certifications, including MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Immunity to Change (Harvard University). She has published in The American Journal of Group Psychotherapy and online at Successful Knowledge Sharing Initiatives and Stress Physiology: Can Stress Be Good for You? Her work on training of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Dept has also been featured by NPR and The Washington Post.