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Ellyn Loy, LCSW-C

Ellyn Loy, LCSW-C, is a graduate of the University of MD School of Social Work and is currently a Faculty Liaison for the Field Placement Office. Ms. Loy has 30 years of social work practice. She was the Clinical Director at the House of Ruth MD and is considered an expert in the field of Intimate Partner Violence. In 2013 she began work in the Jewish Community developing a program for Elder Abuse called SAFE. Ms. Loy is an experienced trainer and has taught many workshops including becoming an expert witness for domestic violence cases, self-care and compassion and dynamics of elder abuse.

In 2014 her husband was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia a form of Frontal Lobe Dementia and she became his caregiver. He died in hospice in 2021. Ellyn developed this workshop in order to combine her professional knowledge with her personal experiences in order to help social workers develop more effective practices with this population.