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Adia Winfrey, PhD

Dr. Adia McClellan Winfrey, also known as Dr. Dia, is a Doctor of Psychology, published author, curriculum developer, and mentor to youth around the country. She has been an advocate for emotional wellness, social justice, and Hip Hop culture for over 20 years. At age 16, she received the honor of Olympic Torchbearer for her activism in these areas.  
Dr. Dia earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Wilberforce University and Doctorate of Psychology degree from Wright State University School of Professional Psychology. Her doctoral dissertation, Healing Young People thru Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.), was the first to integrate Hip Hop culture and psychological theories and was the foundation of her first book, Healing Young People thru Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.): A Hip-Hop Therapy Program for Black Adolescent Boys (African-American Images, 2009).  
In 2011, with the success of her first book H.Y.P.E. and the widespread attention it garnered, Dr. Dia founded the company Elevating Us and established The H.Y.P.E. Movement, the community outreach component of her company, in Atlanta. In 2014, she moved back to her family's hometown of Talladega, Alabama to bring her Hip Hop Empowerment Model to the community. Through Elevating Us and The H.Y.P.E. Movement, Dr. Dia has worked to improve emotional wellness and build hopefulness within communities through multi-generational events and unique partnerships that have served nearly 6,000 youth around the United States.  
Dr. Dia has been featured in many publications and media outlets, including The Tom Joyner Morning Show, MSNBC, NPR, JET Magazine, Refinary29, American Urban Radio Networks,, The Association of Black Psychologists, and several local and online news sources.  
In 2020, Dr. Dia made history as the first Black female Congressional Nominee in Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District. Branded as “The Hip Hop Congressional Candidate,” her campaign received national attention for her use of Hip Hop culture as a tool of political mobilization. After garnering a vote count of over 104,000, Dr. Dia's campaign formed Transform Alabama, a Hip Hop-based political mobilization and education organization. 

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Adia Winfrey, PhD
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