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Multiday Webinar

S21-1001 Licensure Prep (3 Days)

Total Credits: 12

1000 License Prep |  800 Online |  DHS Approved
Course Levels:
3 Days
Original Program Date :
Jun 10, 2021



This three-day intensive, comprehensive review program prepares MSW graduates to pass the Master’s and the Clinical level state licensing exams. The class will cover all of the information that students can expect to encounter on the ASWB licensing exam. A thorough review of the test content will be provided.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Social work assessment & clinical diagnosis

• Social work intervention strategies

• Human growth, behavior, and developmental theories

• Counseling theories

• Social work values and ethics

• Substance use disorders

• Domestic violence and family dynamics

• Child welfare and gerontology

• Research and supervision

Participants will review Volumes I and II of the Comprehensive Study Guide and Practice Questions from Social Work Examination Services (SWES). Social Workers who use SWES materials pass the licensing examination in high numbers (92%) and with high scores (84%). Exam scores exceeding 90% are not uncommon.


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Agenda & Learning Objectives


Day One
09:00 Registration
09:00 - 10:30
  • Exam Overview
  • Part One: Treatment Approaches
    • Crisi Intervention
    • Domestic Violence


10:30 - 10:45                                         

10:45 - 01:45
  • Part One, Continued
    • Child Welfare
    • Gerontology
  • Part Two: DSM V
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Medical Terminology
    • Substance Abuse
01:45 Questions & Adjournment


Day Two
09:00 Registration
09:00 - 10:30
  • Part Three: Human Behavior
    • A Review of Relevant Developmental Theories


10:30 - 10:45                                         

10:45 - 01:45
  • Part Four: Group Therapy
    • Cultural Competence
    • Research Methods
  • Part Five: NASW Code of Ethics
    • Purpose of the Code of Ethics
    • Core Values
    • Relevant Standards
01:45 Questions & Adjournment


Day Three
09:00 Registration
09:00 - 10:30
  • Part Five, Continued


10:30 - 10:45                                         

10:45 - 01:45
  • Part Six: Study Tips and Strategies
    • Tips for Analyzing Questions
    • Social Work Roles
    • Summary
01:45 Questions & Adjournment



Upon the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


Day One

  • Articulate an understanding of the structure of the ASWB exams as well as the registration process
  • Understand counseling theories and concepts related to intimate partner violence that are relevant to the ASWB exams
  • Increase their knowledge of how exam questions related to the two aforementioned comments will appear on the exams. 


Day Two

  • Understand human behavior theories as well as concepts related to group theory that are relevant to the ASWB Exams
  • Understand NASW Code of Ethics standards and core values that are relevant to the ASWB Exams. 
  • Increase their knowledge of how exam questions related to the two aforementioned comments will appear on the exams. 


Day Three

  • Apply relevant strategies and tips necessary for analyzing and answering exam questions.

Bibliography & References



  1. NASW Code of Ethics (2018). NASW Press. Washington, DC.

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The Office of Continuing Professional Education hosts Live Interactive Webinars through two platforms: Zoom and WebEx.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher; MacOS 9 or higher; Android 4.0 or higher.
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  • Broadband Internet Connection: Cable, High-speed DSL and any other medium that is internet accessible.

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Course Interaction Requirements:

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Late Fees and Refunds

Fee & Registration:

Cost is $250 and includes CE credit. *Cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance prior to the live interactive webinar to receive a refund or a credit letter.


*All cancellations will be subjected to a $35.00 administration fee

Course Completion & CE Information


Category I Maryland BSWE Requirement

The Office of Continuing Professional Education at the University Of Maryland School Of Social Work is authorized by the Board of Social Work Examiners in Maryland to sponsor social work continuing education programs. This workshop qualifies for 12 Category I Continuing Education Units.The Office of Continuing Professional Education is also authorized by the Maryland Board of Psychologists and the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors to sponsor Category A continuing professional education.

Please refer to the tab "Live Interactive Webinar Policies & FAQs" for UMSSW Office of CPE policies regarding all live interactive webinar related matters.

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