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Learning From the UK: Informational Session

Caroline Long, LCSW-C, PhD
1 Hour



Best Practices in Child Welfare: Learning from the UK 

Travel to London, England to learn about best practices in UK child welfare, along with the history and development of UK child welfare services.  Participants will hear from UK child welfare leaders and experienced practitioners about child protection, foster care, and adoption policies and systems. With support from UMSSW faculty Emerita, Caroline Long, PhD, participants will have opportunities to compare US and UK policies and systems in order to bring lessons learned back to the US.  The experience includes site visits to child welfare agencies, along with visits to two sites of historical importance in the development of child welfare services: the Foundling Museum and the Dickens Museum.  

This informational session is designed to answer any questions you may have in preparation for the trip! 

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Caroline Long, LCSW-C, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Social Work and Gisele Ferretto, MSW, LCSW-C, Clinical Instructor, University of Maryland School of Social Work