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Tariiq Walton, LGMFT

Tariiq Omari Walton is the founder and director of Insight Marriage and Family Therapists, LLC, a small couple’ s therapy private practice in Largo, MD and Silver Spring, MD. Mr. Walton specializes in communication, intimacy, problem solving, and emotional awareness. He also serves as the staff counselor for the Prince George's County Department of Corrections. The author of four books, a former television and radio talk show host, lecturer, and a noted leather artisan, Mr. Walton was named one of Prince George’s County Forty Under 40 for Arts & 5 Humanities, in 2014.

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S21-106:The Importance of Emotional Awareness in Childhood Communication

Total Credits: 3

100 Children & Adolescents |  800 Online |  DHS Approved
Tariiq Walton
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