S23-1001 Licensure Prep (Day 2)

This intensive, comprehensive review program prepares MSW graduates to pass the Master’s and the Clinical level state licensing exams. The class will cover all of the information that students can expect to encounter on the ASWB licensing exam. A thorough review of the test content will be provided. 

Topics include, but are not limited to: 

• Social work assessment & clinical diagnosis 

• Social work intervention strategies 

• Human growth, behavior, and developmental theories 

• Counseling theories 

• Social work values and ethics 

• Substance use disorders 

• Domestic violence and family dynamics 

• Child welfare and gerontology 

• Research and supervision 

The program also incorporates a review of test-taking strategies using sample multiple-choice questions that are similar to those found on the licensing exam. Participants will review Volumes I and II of the Comprehensive Study Guide and Practice Questions from Social Work Examination Services (SWES). Social Workers who use SWES materials pass the licensing examination in high numbers (92%) and with high scores (84%). Exam scores exceeding 90% are not uncommon. 

Comprehensive Study Guides (master's- level) included. *Please note that the Guides are non-refundable (worth $150).*